Konsulttiyhtymä AIKA

The sales personal trainer service

A company that had been operating for a long time in a traditional field of business wanted to expand its services and start selling them actively. We picked the customers with the most potential, created a sales model including practical sales actions and created both digital and conventional sales materials. We then contacted customers actively, through multiple channels and personally. The customers were particularly enthusiastic about the new possibilities the traditional field of business typically could not offer its customers. Through these efforts and practical actions, additional sales have developed.

Partner Ari Holm

Improving the efficiency of production

A management system was created and adopted at a process-like production plant that included sufficient real-time efficiency and measurement of technical capability. Systematic monitoring revealed views and trends, and the system made it possible to react to problems and deficiencies quickly. Through the project, it was possible to set genuine goals, and the goals were reached through collaboration. Searching for the guilty turned into the removal of causes, and workplace efficiency, safety and well-being improved. In practice, the changes from two shifts to three shifts required by seasonal fluctuation were shortened and became significantly less frequent as yields improved and the reliability of quality production improved (the principle of “getting it right the first time). The cost per unit decreased, enabling a better business result, and most importantly creating a basis for a systematic, continuous improvement of the operation as a whole.

Partner Reijo Törmä

Strategic market research

The company is an industrial service company with a long history of profitable business in its field. The company owners had long had an idea of expanding to a new field of business by expanding the selection of services offered to industry. However, the new business required a sizeable investment compared to the existing business, and acquiring outside funding was therefore essential to expansion. Konsulttiyhtymä AIKA first surveyed potential new client companies for the new service together with the owners. Then Konsulttiyhtymä AIKA did a large market survey covering more than 100 potential client companies. As a result of the market survey, Company P received a list of potential clients and an estimate of the revenue of the new service for the next three years based on the survey. Thanks to the client list and revenue estimate, Company P was able to carry out the funding negotiations required for the investment. During the market survey, Konsulttiyhtymä AIKA was also able to identify target groups that differed significantly from each other. Thanks to this information, Company P also received a list of contacts for sales and sales arguments for the service for different target groups.

Strategic market research is suitable for companies wishing to make a growth leap. Letting an outsider survey the growth potential of existing or new customers gives workable sales opportunities to the company’s own sales.

Partner Antti Lehtimäki

Development of international sales (B2B and B2C)

A startup company was looking for an expert in consumer understanding and brand marketing for their core team. The company and its network already had people skilled in very fine design and conceptualizing work as well as technical skill, but they needed a professional in consumer marketing and commercialization. They wished to introduce an interesting, new category product straight to the international market, so they needed an expert for the production of sales materials and international B2B negotiations. They found a rental marketing manager from the team of Konsulttiyhtymä AIKA. The company has developed into a growth company with global commercial operations in 15 countries in both Europe and Asia. Customers include both brick-and-mortar stores and online stores. The company’s own online store was launched and strong utilization of social media boosted sales.

Partner Johanna Siltala

Consulting for choosing a crowdfunding channel and preparing a crowdfunding campaign

The company is a Finnish food processing company that has managed to enter international markets for its products in Europe. The company owners wanted to achieve strong international growth over the next five years. To fund international growth, the company sold its side business, but it also needed outside funding. Konsulttiyhtymä AIKA surveyed and evaluated the profiles of various crowdfunding channels and their suitability for the company’s situation. The evaluation covered things like products, the market situation, users and growth targets. AIKA also prepared for the company as a turnkey service a crowdfunding campaign that included an investor-marketing plan: more precise definition of the target group, core messages, growth story, a scheduled implementation plan and marketing materials.

Crowdfunding consulting is suitable for growth companies that wish to effortlessly obtain equity or outside capital with a lead time of 3-5 months.

Partner Antti Lehtimäki