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Johanna Siltala

Johanna Siltala is a professional in brand marketing, an expert in the food industry and a reformer of commercial operation.

Johanna has more than 20 years of experience in consumer marketing with leading brands in Finland (including Elovena, Sunnuntai, Xylitol-Jenkki, Mynthon, Abba) at Raisio Group’s food unit, Leaf Oy and FelixAbba Oy.

The most significant achievement in her professional career is the broad reform of commercial operations at Raisio’s food unit, which turned the business operation very profitable and made it grow.

As the marketing director for Northern Europe at Raisio’s food unit (2006-2013), Johanna was respected particularly as a reformer and coach. During her time at Leaf Oy (1997-2006), she was praised for her strategic thinking and marketing actions and product launches that sparked constant growth for brands. At Felix-Abba (1990-1997), joint Nordic projects resulted in successful product launches (e.g. AC Nielsen’s Launch of the Year award for the launch of RisiFrutti).

Johanna’s skills in strategic work, development of a brand portfolio and product portfolio and different areas of marketing communication can be utilized in all B2B and B2C business operations.

Johanna’s experience with the renewal of processes (Brand Management and New Product Development) as well as corporate communication and various consumer studies are suitable for the development of small as well as large enterprises.

Johanna is familiar with the journey of a consumer product from raw materials and production through the grocery store / HoReCa sector to the consumers. She knows how to influence buyers’ decisions and the consumer’s choice: what a good sales presentation, attractive food packaging or effective consumer promotion is like or what kind of advertisement works in the conventional or digital media; in other words, what actions to take to achieve growth in sales.

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