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The development of sales is done in the form of client-specific coaching and training programs.

The aim is to develop a unique and efficient sales model for each company.

We focus on developing the basic tasks of sales together with the salespersons. At the core of the service are live coaching sessions related to phone calls, meetings with customers and closing deals. In particular, we focus on the creation of a tool for surveying needs that provides excellent commercial results.

First, we look into the choice of customers, i.e. together, we will draw actual lists of those customers that we need to contact. Then we create a weekly funnel for salesperson-specific sales, which includes numerical values of the different stages of sales. The figures start from the required number of calls that is needed for getting an adequate number of visits. The visit must obviously be of a sufficiently high quality that it opens up enough cases, which then turn into a sufficient number of sales, meaning Euros. So together, we will make a plan of the customers that need to be reached, and draw clear figures for different areas of the sales funnel.

Actual work begins after the choice of customers. We create tools needed for phone calls and refine contacting in such a way that we are able to set a sufficient number of meetings. We go to meetings with customers in the field together. The success of the visits will be evaluated immediately after the visit. Together we will take the cases to completion, i.e. sales. What makes this training particularly efficient is learning things through actual practical situations.
As a result, the company gets a sales model that has been proven to work and been specifically developed for the company.


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