Konsulttiyhtymä AIKA

Few companies are able to build a unique competitive advantage and hold on to it for years. Konsulttiyhtymä AIKA builds competitive advantages for its clients in strategy-oriented development projects. A competitive advantage may come from a business model, brand, better understanding of the market, productization, sales model, processes, technologies, patents or perhaps reliable delivery. We will build your company a cost-efficient team of experts that will join your own key persons in a search for the source of a competitive advantage.

Factors of a competitive advantage

Antti Lehtimäki Johanna Siltala Ari Holm Jouni Leskinen

Clarifying strategic direction

Antti Lehtimäki

Productisation and marketing

Johanna Siltala

 An efficient Sales Model

Ari Holm

Optimisation of production and processes

Jouni Leskinen

Timo Vasankari Janne Aaltonen Reijo Törmä Tuomas Välimäki

Exploitation of technologies

Timo Vasankari

Identifying and patenting of innovations

Janne Aaltonen

Reliability of delivery and customer satisfaction

Reijo Törmä

Strategic market research

Tuomas Välimäki